How we began

Phil and Elizabeth sat at their kitchen table after the 2016 Presidential Election and thought what happened? 
Their next thought was:  why are we surprised?  Followed by, we are surprised because we did not listen.  We did not listen to the people around us who said they were fed up with how things are, how they wanted change, how frustrated they were with politics as usual.  Some of these people are in our own family.  Once we realized this, we thought, what can we do?  We can become better listeners!  Maybe we can help other people do that, too!  Thus, the listening project was born!  We agree with Mr. Rogers when he said, "Listening is an act of love."  

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“Who do we want to listen to?"

Nature - The natural world right outside our door

Ourselves - what happens when we become quiet enough to hear our inner voice

Each other - listening is one of the greatest gifts we will ever give another person

The world around us - what sounds fill up our day ... do we ever experience silence?

The Divine - in whatever form an individual experiences something/someone greater than themselves

We've come up with five broad categories: